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We Need Your Help in The Fight to End Human Trafficking

Posted by Love Justice | Mar 27, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Thousands of beautiful lives are in urgent need of your help! Right at this very moment, over 40 million people live in slavery around the world. That number includes the innocent and beautiful lives of young women and children being sold into the horrific world of sex trafficking as well as boys and men being forced into labor trafficking.

The International Labour Organization estimates that forced labor and human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide.

  • 81% of the victims are trapped in forced labor, including sex trafficking.
  • 25% of them are children.
  • 75% are women and girls.

These beautiful lives are in desperate need of freedom from slavery, exploitation, and abuse. For this very reason, we are sending out a Mayday alert throughout the month of May and asking for your help. To date, we have intercepted over 16,000 people from human trafficking, most of them women and children. Our mission during the month of May is to save 1,000 more lives per year! Watch this video to learn more about what we do: 


An opportunity to impact lives

To achieve our Mayday goal, we would like to invite you to become a member of our monthly giving community, Project Beautiful. We only need 1,000 new donors to give $10 per month or 500 new donors to give $20 per month. You have the opportunity to be an instrumental part in keeping beautiful lives from ever experiencing the horrendous abuse and darkness of the sex trade.

Through our unique border transit monitoring system, our strategy continues to be to attack trafficking at the most strategic moment—while it is in the process of occurring and before exploitation and enslavement. When you join Project Beautiful, your faithful gift helps fund the vital interceptions of these innocent lives from being sold into modern-day slavery.


You will also gain privileged access to the Project Beautiful mobile app. This innovative app provides prayer requests, photos, interception reports, and breaking updates from the field to our Project Beautiful community.

We also offer tools and resources to churches who would like to partner with us through a one-time gift or by joining the Project Beautiful community as a corporate body. Here’s how your church partnership can help impact lives by giving monthly:

  • $100 per month can fund the rescue of 10 lives per year.
  • $500 per month can fund the rescue of 50 lives per year.
  • $1,000 per month can fund the rescue of 100 lives per year.

We realize how easy it is to become overwhelmed by numbers and statistics, forgetting that there are beautiful lives representing each and every one. These lives are no different than each one of ours.

Four ways you can impact lives in the fight to end human trafficking:

Together, we can help answer their silent cries for help. Join our Mayday campaign to bring justice as we strive to intercept more innocent lives from this dark industry. 



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