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Counseling and Parent Training Coordinator

Overseas Opportunities


About Us: Love Justice International (LJI) is a Christian nonprofit organization compelled by God’s love to fight the world’s greatest injustices. We fight injustice in two primary ways: through our expanding anti-human trafficking work and by caring for orphaned and abandoned children. We currently work throughout Asia and Africa.

Position Type: Full time; Support-raised*; Overseas (South Asia)

  • *If hired, the candidate will be required to raise financial support to cover his/her own salary, benefits, and expenses. Raising support is a key example of the body of Christ supporting its members and joining in the fight against injustice. LJI will provide administrative and prayer support throughout the process, as well as guidance and resources to build up a support base. Please prayerfully consider whether you may be called to step out in faith and raise support for this position.

Position Overview: More than 15M children worldwide are orphaned, and many more have been abandoned by their parents. These children are among the most salient examples of "the least of these" about whom Jesus speaks in Matthew 25:40. 

At LJI, we operate 18 family homes that care for over 200 children in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. Each home is overseen by house parents and at least one helper, and the entire program is supported by 12 national and international staff.  Our mission is to help them become difference makers for Christ by providing stable, loving, family-like homes that are developmentally enriching in every way.

The Counseling and Parent Training Coordinator will facilitate providing counseling for the children in LJI’s family homes, including those who have experienced trauma, and training the staff and parents to provide counseling and mentoring to the children as well. This position will require living in Nepal (with extensive travel), and will report to the Director of Family Homes. Frequent home visitation will be essential.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate Counseling for Children - To facilitate the provision of effective counseling to those children within Love Justice International’s (LJI) Family Homes (FH) Program who need it. Given that (a) trained counselors are hard to find within the country, and (b) it is crucial for children to receive counseling in their first language, this will most likely involve developing creative solutions, such as:
    • Training our own staff to counsel effectively, 
    • Setting up group counseling or support groups, 
    • Expanding the search for trained Nepali counselors, and 
    • Potentially counseling children with a trained interpreter. 
  • Parent Training - To develop or adapt and provide consistent trainings regarding child development, parenting, or other relevant topics to home parents.
  • Other Projects - Depending on the qualifications and passions of the candidate, this position will involve getting involved in developing, refining, and implementing other core processes and projects.


  • Mature Christian faith
  • A master’s degree in counseling or a related field is required.
  • While a degree in Christian counseling is not required, the expectation is that the therapist/counselor will focus his/her therapy through a Christ-based lens. 
  • Sufficient training and experience counseling children with moderate to severe trauma is preferable. 
  • Ability to work well within a group setting and maintain a positive outlook working within challenging circumstances
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Strong work ethic and self-motivation
  • Strong passion for children's development, children's rights, and justice

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