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Director of Family Home Operations

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About Us: Love Justice International (LJI) is a Christian nonprofit organization compelled by God’s love to fight the world’s greatest injustices. We fight injustice in two main ways: through our expanding anti-human trafficking work and by caring for orphaned and abandoned children. We currently work throughout Asia and Africa.

Position Type: Salaried, Overseas, Full-Time

Position Overview: More than 15M children worldwide are orphaned, and many more have been abandoned by their parents. These children are among the most salient examples of "the least of these" whom Jesus speaks about in Matthew 25:40. In the last century, however, orphanages and children's homes have not had a good track record at providing a developmentally nourishing environment for these children. The problem with traditional children’s homes is the failure to provide the crucial parenting practices and environmental factors that developmental science has clearly linked to positive outcomes in children.

At LJI, we believe the crisis of orphan care can be solved only by relentless, rigorous, and robust emphasis on the science of child development—which has shown the parenting practices and environmental factors that lead to thriving childhoods. To this end, we have created a family homes program to help orphaned and abandoned children become difference makers in their nation. We operate 18 family homes that care for over 200 children in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. Each home is overseen by house parents and at least one helper, and the entire program is supported by 12 national and international staff.  

Many of the elements recommended by developmental science are counter-cultural in the contexts we work, but we are determined to ensure that our homes provide the developmentally rich, loving environment that children deserve. Our model surpasses traditional orphan-care models in the following ways:

  • Our Family Homes Standard contains nearly 100 key elements of a developmentally nourishing environment, which our staff and house parents are trained on regularly and tracked monthly to ensure that our homes are providing the best environment possible for our children. 
  • We started our own school in Nepal to prepare the hearts and minds of our children to be difference makers in their nation. This school is different from other local schools in that it strives to replace the traditional rote learning with independent thinking and problem solving. Our students are already outperforming their peers in key objective measures, and our aim is to make it a truly kingdom-class place of learning.
  • We run several supplemental programs offering counseling, computer education, an annual camp, vocational assessment, guidance counseling, and life preparation skills to help our kids graduate from the homes once we've facilitated their college educations. 

Early data comparing our children to a randomized sample has shown that our children have an average IQ nearly 20 points higher than their peers, and they scored better on prosocial behavior, motivation to learn, hopelessness, and relatedness—despite the fact that their lives were significantly disrupted by losing their parents. Though there are still weaknesses in our model, we intend to improve it until we have overwhelming data demonstrating its efficacy.  

Our goal is to develop a scalable model for orphan care and to establish robust data demonstrating its effectiveness in helping children thrive. The Director of Family Home Operations will lead both the data assessment and the implementation plan for scaling this model internationally. This will be a dream job for anyone who thinks big, loves children, and believes that love and developmental science can lead the way for a world-scale solution to the crisis of orphan care. 

The Director of Family Home Operations position will be based in Nepal, with significant international travel, and will report to the President.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee, manage, and provide strategic direction to all aspects of LJI's family homes and schools, including:
    • Ensuring the atmosphere of each home is such that every child grows in a loving, safe, Christian family home
    • Ensuring house parents and teachers are hired, trained, and performing according to LJI standards
    • Ensuring that all LJI family homes and schools are complying with applicable LJI standards and core processes
    • Overseeing budgets and all financial matters 
    • Managing 2–3 direct reports who oversee crucial divisions of the structure, including the Nepal Family Homes Director and LJI School Director
  •  Assess and improve all aspects of LJI’s family homes model, including:
    • Using data and metrics to test the efficacy of its programs by designing and implementing studies 
    • Developing and implementing strategies to increase effectiveness of its programs based on data findings
  • Once tested, develop and implement a plan for scaling LJI’s family homes model internationally, including developing and improving upon the core processes needed to adapt the model to new countries 


  • A robust understanding of developmental science and education, including a minimum of a master's degree in child development or a relevant field (PhD preferred)
  • Mature Christian faith
  • Significant leadership experience managing complex businesses or organizations
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Strong work ethic, self-motivation, and willingness to adapt to changing and challenging circumstances
  • A strong passion for children's development, children's rights, and justice
  • Experience working in cross-cultural contexts and sensitivity to cultural differences

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