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Through our work, more than 15,000 people have been intercepted and prevented from being trafficked.

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Transit Monitoring & Interception: How It Works

We attack trafficking at the most strategic moment—while it is in the process of occurring and BEFORE women and children have been exploited or enslaved:

  • To date, Love Justice has 44 different transit monitoring stations located where trafficking occurs—near important border crossings or transit hubs in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Benin, and South Africa.
  • When highly trained Love Justice staff notice a sign of trafficking, they stop the suspected trafficker and victim for an interview to determine if trafficking is occurring. If staff recognizes a red flag, they continue their questioning, separating the suspected victim and trafficker.
  • If further questioning reveals additional red flags, Love Justice staff take action by contacting the victim’s family, questioning the suspected trafficker, and if the situation warrants it, contacting the police to deal with the trafficker further.
  • The victim arrives at one of our shelters for protection, aftercare, and education about the dangers of trafficking as we assess if it is safe for the victim to return home.
  • We interview victims to gather data and criminal intelligence to assist our process of convicting traffickers. When possible, we guide the victim through filing a legal case against her trafficker.
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Beyond Transit Monitoring & Interception

While transit monitoring and interception are our primary work, our approach to anti-trafficking also includes:


Data Collection
& Analysis

Our staff are continually collecting and analyzing data in order to better understand trafficking trends and networks. This is crucial in helping to improve our operations, prosecute traffickers, and identify targets for investigations.


& Conviction

Prosecution and conviction of traffickers are the primary goals of our investigations department because we believe they are vital to fighting the industry at its core and stopping hundreds of lives from being trafficked in the process.


& Development

Love Justice is passionate about taking a proactive approach in the mission to end trafficking through strategic, intelligence-led investigations that PREVENT victims from being enslaved in the horrendous industry of trafficking.

FAQ About Our Approach
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