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You cansave a lifefrom trafficking

Project Beautiful is a community of peoplecommitted to fighting human trafficking.


Join Project Beautiful, a passionate community of monthly donors committed to rescuing beautiful lives from human trafficking.

Because every life is beautiful and worth fighting for.


$30per month

can fund the rescue of
3 lives per year.

$50per month

can fund the rescue of
5 lives per year.

$100per month

can fund the rescue of
10 lives per year.

R200per month

Can contribute towards
the rescue of a life

R500per month

Can fund the rescue of
1 life per year

R1000per month

Can fund the rescue of
2 lives per year

There are more slaves in the world today than at any point in history.
How does a young girl enter a life of sex trafficking?



Young girls are often forced or deceived to leave their homes


False Promises

Usually with the promise of marriage or money...



Only to be sold, raped, tortured, or imprisoned.

What if...

she could be saved...
BEFORE she entered a life of trafficking?

Do you think that’s possible?
How would that happen?
Watch the video to find out!

How do we protect the innocent?


Our trained staff look for trafficking “red flags” at transit stations and border crossings.



We intercept and save the innocent while trafficking is in process.



We educate victims about trafficking and safe foreign employment. We help prosecute traffickers.


We're on a mission to stop human trafficking, and we need your help.

A case has already been filed against the trafficker, and the police are searching for the two other traffickers involved with this case. Thank you, Love Justice!

Shalva, 16 years old

Though I am educated, I was deceived by human traffickers. Love Justice stopped us on a train at the India-Nepal border. They saw that I was scared and realized I was in trouble.

Ashka, 17 years old

My heartfelt thanks are due to Love Justice who rescued me from ending up in a hellish life as a slave in the sex trade.

Mithush, 13 years old

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Because every life is beautiful and worth fighting for.


$100 can free someone from being trafficked.

$100 a month can free 10 lives from being trafficked per year!


Join us and receive your free Project Beautiful shirt to help raise awareness about human trafficking!

*Receive your free T-shirt with a monthly gift of $15 or more.




Why do we call it Project Beautiful?

We believe every life is beautiful.
She is a child of God, and He knows her by name.
She is worth everything to Him.
She is not just a victim.
She is human. She is precious.
She deserves to be free.
Because every life is beautiful.