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Join our fight for every one life.



Join our fight to keep them free. Project Beautiful is our community of monthly donors committed to the fight against human trafficking. Because every life is beautiful and worth fighting for.

You'll receive exclusive updates from our anti-trafficking work in the field, a unique One Life bracelet representing a life you helped keep free from trafficking, and a digital cookbook of our global team's favorite recipes from around the world.

When you give


you can help pay for a transit monitor’s salary to identify and prevent human trafficking.

When you give


you can help fund the prosecution and conviction of a suspected trafficker.


Join Project Beautiful, a passionate community of monthly donors committed to protecting beautiful lives from human trafficking.

Due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, the poor are more vulnerable than ever to being trafficked.

Join our fight to keep them free. Because every life is beautiful and worth fighting for. 

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Love Justice South Africa
First National Bank
OR Tambo/ 260306
Acc No: 62628719570

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We've intercepted over 30,000 individuals to prevent them from
being trafficked. And that number is growing every day...


People intercepted to prevent from being trafficked


Active transit monitoring stations


Countries where we have piloted transit monitoring


Short-term shelters for those who have been intercepted


Arrests stemming from our anti-trafficking work


Percent of closed cases resulting in convictions

There are more slaves in the world today than at any point in history. We expect the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic to result in a surge in trafficking. How does a person enter a life of human trafficking?



People are often deceived or sometimes forced to leave their homes...


False Promises

Usually with the promise of marriage or a job too good to be true...



Only to be sold, exploited, or enslaved.

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What if...

she could be saved...
BEFORE she entered a life of slavery?

Do you think that’s possible?
How would that happen?
Watch the video to find out!


How do we protect the innocent?


Our trained staff look for trafficking “red flags” at transit stations and border crossings.



We intercept and protect the vulnerable to prevent them from being trafficked.



We educate those we intercept about trafficking and safe foreign employment. We help prosecute traffickers.


We must take steps now to prepare for an almost inevitable surge in human trafficking after this pandemic. We're on a mission to end modern-day slavery, and we need your help.

Take a closer look at our proven plan to stop traffickers
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Exclusive Gifts for You

We want to connect you directly to our work through your exclusive Project Beautiful updates! You'll receive monthly updates with stories, pictures, and videos from our teams in the field. You'll get to see the numbers, faces, and stories that your dollars are impacting in real time!

Additionally, join Project Beautiful and we’ll send you a link to download the first edition of our Love Justice cookbook for your family and friends to enjoy! This cookbook contains global recipes from five of the countries where we work. Each year, we will release another exclusive edition with recipes from five more countries so longtime supporters of Love Justice can collect the whole set!

Join Project Beautiful

Every life is beautiful and worth fighting for.

Why do we call it Project Beautiful?

We believe every life is beautiful.
She is a child of God, and He knows her by name.
She is worth everything to Him.
She is not just a victim.
She is human. She is precious.
She deserves to be free.
Because every life is beautiful and worth fighting for.