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Employment Opportunities

*Requirements and Commitments for Overseas Staff

Time Commitment: All candidates must be willing to make a minimum of a two-year commitment to work for the ministry. (An evaluation will be held after three months to assess fit and performance.) In addition, all candidates are encouraged to conduct a one to two week investigative trip to the location of work prior to committing to working overseas for Love Justice International.

Christian Living: All candidates must be willing to commit to a Christian lifestyle, regarding purity of life, as well as engagement in regular fellowship and devotion.

Self-Support and Fundraising: All candidates must be willing to raise support for their own living expenses. Each staff will maintain a "support account," out of which his/her salary will be paid, and extra money will be used to help support Love Justice projects. All positions require that a minimum of 90% of personal support be raised before going into the field.

Professionalism: Although this is ministry, we expect to maintain a level of professionalism equal to or higher than that in the business world. This includes regular and consistent working hours (40 hrs./week), faithful attendance of required meetings, compliance with the directives and policies of leaders, and fulfillment of commitments. You will be asked to give of your time and freedom at a level that accord with the importance of our work.

Love Justice Mission Statement and Core Values: Candidates must agree with and support Love Justice vision statement, our statement of faith, and our core values.

Cultural Engagement: Candidates will be required to take intensive language classes during the first six months of their stay in the field and submit to experienced field workers on culturally sensitive matters.

Education: A bachelor's degree is preferred but not required.