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You can raise funds to help fight the world's greatest injustices. We love seeing the creative ways our donors fundraise to support our work! 

Get Started Today

Are you ready to start your own fundraiser today and tell your friends about how THEY can make a difference in the fight to stop human trafficking? It's a simple three-step process!

Injustice cannot be defeated without you and the power of your community. Follow the steps through the button below to launch your own fundraiser. Our best tip is to make it personal so your family and friends know why our work matters to YOU! 

Step ONE: Launch your fundraiser.

  • Decide on a goal amount you want to raise for Love Justice. Then simply follow the steps provided through the button below to set up an easy online fundraiser that you can share with your friends, family, and coworkers!
  • You’ll have the option to add a personal message and a photo. This will help your friends know why the fight against human trafficking matters to you and why you believe in our work.  
Step TWO: Share it with your people.
  • Once your online fundraiser is live, it’s time to share! Through social media, text, or in real life, you can share your unique fundraiser link with the world. You can use facts, pictures, and stories from @LoveJusticeIntl or any of the resources on our website to spread the word on your social channels about why you’re raising money for Love Justice.  

Step THREE: Celebrate the impact!

  • You’ll get to watch in real time as people give to your fundraiser. white_tshirt_love_justiceIf you reach a goal of $500 or more, Love Justice will send you a T-shirt—our gift to you for helping us grow our network of like-minded people passionate about fighting modern-day slavery.
  • But the most exciting part will be seeing the stories of FREEDOM made possible because of the dollars you helped raise for Love Justice! Be sure to follow us on social or sign up for emails or texts to read and see the interception stories you helped make happen!

Every dollar makes a difference.


Other Ways to Raise Money to Support Love Justice


Host a House Concert

Peter Furler, founding member and lead singer/songwriter of the Newsboys, performs a handful of intimate house concert events with VOTA. Invite your friends over for a fun night of live music with the band VOTA! Visit here for all of the exciting details. OR: Have a friend who's a musician? Organize your own house concert! There's never been a more engaging way to fundraise!


Join Us in Brand Partnership

At Love Justice, we thrive off building strong relationships with our amazing partners. The important work we do is fueled by the faithful dedication and commitment of our donors and partners to our joint mission of ending human trafficking. We are honored to link arms with organizations like N2GIVES in this crucial fight against the greatest injustice of this generation.


Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Instead of presents for her 13th birthday, Gracie asked people to donate to Project Beautiful! She raised over $1,300 to fight human trafficking through fundraising on Facebook and word of mouth! We are so encouraged by her heart for those suffering injustice. Share why you support Love Justice with your friends and family! Every dollar makes a difference.


Host a Dinner Party

Gather friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, anyone and everyone for a dinner party! Sell tickets to raise money, then share a presentation at the dinner to provide awareness about human trafficking and encourage further donations. See if you can get local businesses to partner with you to help provide the meal!

See how others did it.


Run a 5K

If you're up for it, host one yourself and invite others to join. If that sounds like too much, then just join one that's already happening in your community and ask people to sponsor you to help you fundraise for anti-trafficking!

Check out how others did it.

garage sale

Have a Garage Sale

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Organize a garage sale and donate the profits. Feeling truly motivated? Invite neighbors to donate their unwanted treasures to the cause!

school sports team fundraiser

Get Your School Sports Team Involved

Raise some school spirit by rallying your sports team to fight for justice. Get creative; ask PTO members or local businesses to donate "x" amount of money for every touchdown pass made, 3-pointer banked, or home run hit. The options are endless!

bake sale fundraiser

Host a Bake Sale

Ask for friends and family to donate their favorite baked goods and host the sale at a church, work, or school event. Donate the proceeds to saving lives!

growing a beard fundraiser

Grow a Beard or Mustache

Are you a guy wanting to embrace your inner lumberjack? Commit to growing a beard or mustache for a certain amount of time and ask people to donate to the cause.


Become a Church Partner

Church partnerships are as critical to us as field workers in the countries where we serve. As an LJI church partner, you can host a Love Justice event in your church or ask us to send a special speaker to talk to your congregation. You will encourage people to stand in the gap for the ministry through prayer and empower others to serve “the least of these.” Together, we can make a difference.

Join our church partnership community.


Be a Social Media Influencer

Join us as a social media influencer and help raise awareness about the work Love Justice International is doing through our monthly giving community, Project Beautiful. Using your social influence is an amazing way to add your voice to the vital fight to save lives from human trafficking. Join us and rally your friends, family, and followers together to join the mission to end modern-day slavery!

Add your voice as a social media influencer.

Be sure to snap a photo of your fundraiser and share it with us on Instagram or Facebook! If you have any questions, please contact us through this form.

Thank you to our partners

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