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Where are your available jobs listed?

What is “support-raising”?

What benefits are provided for LJI employees?

What is expected of LJI employees in the workplace?

Is there a minimum time commitment for overseas positions? Can I come on a short-term trip before making a longer-term commitment?

Does LJI offer any short-term mission trips or other overseas volunteering opportunities?




What is an "intercept"?

How much does it cost to intercept a potential victim?

What do you look for when making a determination that someone is being trafficked?

How do potential victims react when they are told they are possibly being trafficked?

Where do the potential victims go after they are intercepted?

How do you know a potential victim is not going to be trafficked again?

How do you know a potential victim is not going back to the same bad situation?

Is there any follow-up with the potential victims after they are intercepted?

What happens to the potential victims who decide to continue with their travel plans, even after they are warned about the risks?

Do potential victims understand what trafficking is?

What happens to the person suspected of trafficking the victim?

Are suspected traffickers men or women?

What gives you the authority to stop a potential victim/suspected trafficker who is traveling across a border?

Is it dangerous to do this work along borders or other areas?

Do you intercept only women and girls?

Why do you focus on intercepting potential victims instead of rescuing them?

How many potential victims are intercepted each month?

Why do the impact numbers fluctuate?

What efforts are being made to educate the most vulnerable about the issue of trafficking?

What's the average age of a potential victim who is intercepted?

How do you verify intercepts?

How many transit monitoring stations do you operate, and where are they located?

Where and when is the gospel presented?


Children's Programs

What is The Dream School?

Where do you operate family homes, and what are they like?

What is the description of your Children’s Futures program?

How do you ensure child protection in your family homes?


Project Beautiful

What is Project Beautiful?

How can I see the impact of my Project Beautiful membership?

I'm a Project Beautiful member. How do I update my billing information?


Giving to Love Justice

What information is available in the donor portal?

How do I log in?

Why do I have to register if I’m already a donor?

I'm a monthly donor. How do I update my billing information?

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Will I get a tax receipt for my monthly contributions?

How can I get my annual tax receipt for IRS purposes?

Can I send a donation in the mail?

Are online donations secure?

Where can I see your financial audit and 990 forms?

Can I donate by phone?

Do you accept gifts of stock?

Can I give to Love Justice even if I am not a Christian?

Can I give for someone's birthday? How will they be notified?

Can I give in memory of someone?

Where does my financial contribution go?