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Internship Opportunities

Emerging Fields Research Fellow

Position Type: The position can be done remotely, and is part-time and unpaid, but a modest travel stipend will be provided should international travel be needed.

Internship Description: Love Justice International[1] (LJI) is a Christian anti-trafficking NGO that has worked in Nepal for the past ten years, and in the past few years, has expanded to 11 different countries, including Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Malawi, Benin, Kenya, and Uganda. We use a counter-trafficking strategy called transit monitoring, where our trained staff monitors transit areas (borders, bus stations, and airports) to identify potential trafficking victims and assists them with repatriation and procuring aftercare. In interviewing the victims, we collect intelligence to assist local police with criminal investigations and arrests of the perpetrators. We also follow up with each legal case filed to ensure speedy and fair prosecutions.

Through this strategy, we are able to stop trafficking before victims reach the destination where they are exploited, and to collect intelligence to go after criminal networks. We partner with local churches in all our work. We have intercepted and assisted over 16,000 individuals who were being trafficked or at high-risk of being trafficked, and have helped convict over 80 traffickers. For more information, please see LJI’s website: www.lovejustice.ngo.


Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

LJI is in an exciting phase of expansion and is currently running five pilot projects in Africa and two pilot projects in Asia. We are looking for a Research Fellow to assist in conducting feasibility studies to gauge the potential of Transit Monitoring in new countries. The Fellow would be integral to LJI’s expansion process by helping to lay the groundwork for establishing new fields through remote research and interviews. This entails:

  • Conducting a literature review of publicly available research on human trafficking and other sociopolitical conditions in a specific country;
  • Identifying relevant stakeholders and potential partners in the specific country, such as NGOs, church leaders, and government officials, and set up remote informational interviews with them;
  • Making initial assessments about the feasibility of implementing transit monitoring in that country, including victim-identification protocol, monitoring locations, security, law enforcement, ease of NGO operations, and other factors;
  • Assisting with other high-level and strategic research issues that may come up.

Depending on the results of the research, there may be opportunities for the Fellow to travel internationally to meet with stakeholders and conduct further research, as well as help identify potential partners and ministries.

The position is part-time and unpaid, but a modest travel stipend will be provided should international travel be needed.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

 The candidate should possess strong research, writing, and verbal communication skills, including attention to detail and organization, as well as the initiative to conduct self-directed research and the ability to multi-task. A graduate degree is strongly preferred. The candidate should be an effective networker with key stakeholders to represent LJI’s anti-trafficking work and ministry, and to effectively communicate with others in cross-cultural contexts. Some international travel experience is preferred. The candidate should be a mature Christian passionate about justice and advocacy for poor and vulnerable populations. Fluency or proficiency in the Spanish or French languages, including speaking, reading, and writing, is strongly preferred.


Reports To: Director of Research and Strategy