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Thanks to a few generous donors, every donation given through December 31 will be DOUBLED.
If you see the beauty, join the fight, and help us reach our goal of $500,000!

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5 Men Saved from Labor Slavery via Facebook Ad

Undercover Work Brings Trafficker to Justice

Grieving Family Starts Family Home

12 Girls Rescued from Trafficking in Kenya

At Love Justice, we believe human life is priceless.

It doesn't matter where you live, what you look like, or who your grandparents are.


Men, women, and children should not be for sale.


Orphaned children deserve a family, home, and education.


During each week of the match, we will be unlocking four stories that show different facets of our work, where beauty was seen, justice fought for, and lives empowered—from family homes to investigations work to transit monitoring staff. Check back here each Tuesday to read the next story.

Because there are parts of the world where lives aren't valued equally, and where beauty is not seen, we are committed to stand in these places ... to love people and fight for justice.


We can't do it without you. Join the fight to see the beauty.

LJI by the Numbers

Lives intercepted

Traffickers arrested

Children being cared for in our family homes

Children being taught in our school

*data updated November 1, 2019

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