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Donate Stock

Make a stock donation to help fight the world's greatest injustices.



Dear Friends of Love Justice,

On behalf of Love Justice International, I’d like to thank you for your generous and consistent support over the years. We are experiencing an exciting phase of growth and our plans for the future have never been more ambitious than they are now. This is due in large part to the faithful, long-term support of donors like you. 

If you’re like many of our partners, you support our work out of your monthly income. As the cost of living increases and unforeseen expenses of life creep in, maintaining your generosity can be difficult, even sacrificial. Cash is often the smallest proportion of our net worth, so we’d like to suggest an alternative method of giving in the form of appreciated non-cash assets, such as shares of stock. 

End of year is a logical time to consider both reallocating and adjusting your portfolio as well as taking actions now to minimize your tax burden. Donating assets held longer than a year is a great way to do both. Donating the stock, rather than liquidating the asset and donating the proceeds, allows you to claim the full market value as a deduction, while avoiding the capital gains tax triggered by selling the holding. For instance, let’s say you bought 10 shares of Tesla for $80 each in March of the previous year. By the end of this year, your $800 investment is now worth about $10,000! 

Cash vs. stock donation

Sell the Stock & donate cash 

Donate stock directly

Value to LJI of Donation



Donor savings from taxable income deduction* 



Initial cost of gift



Capital Gains Tax**



Final cost to donor



*Assumes 37% tax bracket **Assumes a 15% tax rate on $9,200 of capital gains. Yours could be higher.

In addition to the savings realized by avoiding capital gains tax, this form of donating to charity does not impact your important cash reserves. 

We believe strongly that growing in generosity is an important part of the journey of faith. We’re grateful that you’ve entrusted a portion of your generosity to LJI. However, being generous should also be efficient, and if we can help you streamline your giving and find ways to minimize your taxes, we’d love to talk!

Start the process by hitting the Donate Stock button below.

To learn more, please contact me at smortland@lovejustice.ngo.

Stephen Mortland
Vice President of Development