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Justice: A Bible Study

Enrich Your Understanding of God's Heart for Justice

Invite Your Friends to Join You in Your Study of Justice

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In the course of this six-day study, you will:

  • See why our understanding of justice is rooted in the garden of Eden.
  • Learn how properly ordered justice brings freedom to all, not just punishment for criminals.
  • Explore the difference between true justice and false justice.
  • Discover how to establish justice within your family, community, and the world. 









Thank you for joining us! What's next? Here are three ways to get involved in the fight for justice and further your exploration of God's heart for justice:


We believe prayer plays a major role in the eradication of injustice. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about our Mayday prayer initiative.


Join Project Beautiful, our community of monthly donors, or talk with us about how you can sponsor a transit station and even visit our work in the field.


Share our prayer requests with your congregation, host an event, or invite us to come speak. Use your influence to bring light to the darkness.