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When you join Project Beautiful, you help intercept lives from human trafficking every month.
Now, Project Beautiful members can receive alerts and detailed reports
when a potential victim is intercepted.

See the impact your donation is making.

Connect to the action.

Get special access.

Know your gift matters.

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How to get involved



Pledge a monthly donation to intercept lives from trafficking.



We’ll send you a link to download the app and sign in.



You’ll be alerted when an interception or arrest happens.

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What’s so special about this app?

At Love Justice International, we're on a mission to stop human trafficking. From day one, we have used data analysis and technology to better understand trafficking trends and networks. This has helped to make our work more effective and cost-efficient. Now, we’re excited to make some of this data available to you.

We believe you deserve to see the impact your donation is making. But because some of the information we collect is sensitive, we cannot share it publicly. We are only making it available through the app to registered members of Project Beautiful, our monthly giving community.

Through this innovative new app, you’ll be alerted when a potential trafficking victim has been intercepted. You’ll also get more in-depth stories of potential victims, in addition to reports related to the investigation of suspected traffickers. 

Join Project Beautiful today and get even closer to the fight against human trafficking.


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