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Give the gift
of freedom.

What power does one person really have?

To the vulnerable people we fight to protect, one more gift could mean the difference between slavery and freedom.

Give today and witness the power of one.

We're compelled by God’s love to fight the world’s greatest injustices—seeking to change the lives of men, women, and children across the globe. Thank you for joining our fight for the most vulnerable.

You can now raise money to help us fight injustice!

We're so excited to announce that we have the tools ready for you to host a fundraiser, run a 5k, donate your birthday, or challenge your friends to help us stop human trafficking and fight injustice. Every dollar makes a difference! To get started, just follow this simple three-step process:



1. Launch your fundraiser.

2. Share it with your people.

3. Celebrate the impact!

Watch to see how we stop human trafficking.

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Learn more about our work to fight human trafficking and how you can be a part of making these numbers possible by downloading our free resource.  


Learn More About How We Fight Human Trafficking

What We Do

Stop human trafficking

Over 40 million people live in modern-day slavery because of human trafficking*. We train and place monitors at strategic transit points to identify and stop trafficking as it is occurring, BEFORE people are exploited. To date, we've intercepted over 30,000 individuals to prevent them from being trafficked. 
*Global Slavery Index

Help put traffickers in jail

Since we intercept hundreds of people monthly, intervening as the crime of trafficking occurs, we’re able to collect immensely valuable data on traffickers and their networks. Through our data analysis and investigations, we've helped authorities arrest over 1,100 suspects in connection with our anti-trafficking work. Read more here.

Care for the most vulnerable

Love Justice was established with the opening of family homes in some of the poorest parts of the world, caring for orphaned and abandoned children. We also operate a school in South Asia, empowering students to become difference makers in the world through excellent education. 

Join Us

to protect the most vulnerable, to see their value, and to recognize their worth.


What if you could save her before she was trafficked?

You can. Project Beautiful is our passionate community of monthly givers who are committed to ENDING human trafficking.

Join Project Beautiful and you'll receive exclusive updates from our anti-trafficking teams around the world as they work to create freedom for those most vulnerable to being trafficked. Imagine how many lives we can impact together!

Join Project Beautiful


What if you could save her before she was trafficked?

You can. Project Beautiful is our passionate community of monthly givers who are committed to ENDING human trafficking.

Imagine how many lives we can impact together.

Join Project Beautiful

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LJI by the Numbers


People intercepted to prevent from being trafficked


Active transit monitoring stations


Countries where we have piloted transit monitoring


Family homes caring for orphaned and abandoned kids


At-risk children cared for in our family homes


Short-term shelters for those who have been intercepted


Arrests stemming from our anti-trafficking work


Percent of closed cases resulting in convictions

We intervene in the moments between slavery and freedom, working on the front lines in the hard places to find the vulnerable so they never have to carry the identity of a slave.

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