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The Love Justice Team

Breaking: Three Women Intercepted Before Being Forced into Prostitution
By The Love Justice Team on August 23, 2023

Our teams in the field continue to smash records, intercepting more people in a month than ever before. In July we hit our highest record yet with...

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The People Targeted by Human Traffickers: Learn Who They Are
By The Love Justice Team on August 8, 2023

Human traffickers prey on the vulnerabilities of their victims. They view people as their commodity and source for financial gain and are master...

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Breaking: Two Teenage Girls at Risk of Being Forced into Prostitution, Intercepted!
By The Love Justice Team on May 23, 2023

Last month, our teams in the field intercepted 1,341 vulnerable people from the potential of being sold into modern-day slavery. Makula* and Kedi*...

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We Need Your Help in the Fight to End Human Trafficking
By The Love Justice Team on April 24, 2023

At Love Justice International, we inherently believe that every human being is created in the image of God and therefore has intrinsic, infinite,...

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Human Trafficking Stories: Two Young Boys at Risk Are Safe
By The Love Justice Team on March 23, 2023

Our staff was monitoring at a train station when they noticed two minor boys, Pankaj* (13) and Aman* (12). The boys were shabbily dressed and looked...

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Double the Donation: February Is Matching Gift Month
By The Love Justice Team on February 23, 2023

Our donors are the heart and soul of our organization. We simply would not be able to implement the work we do across the globe without their...

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Investigations Team Tracks and Rescues Female Before Exploitation Occurs
By The Love Justice Team on January 19, 2023

Our investigations team was recently informed of Asha*, a female en route to Kuwait for promised employment. Her husband, Sitaram*, was a mason in...

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You Have the Power to Change a Life. Will You Use It?
By The Love Justice Team on November 3, 2022

Today, over 50 million people are trapped in the human trafficking trade—the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. What if you could be a...

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Breaking: Five Students Traveling to Russia for False Education Offer, Intercepted
By The Love Justice Team on October 21, 2022

Five Namibian teenagers were en route to Russia for the purpose of pursuing an education when one of our monitors approached them for questioning.

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