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Topic: Blog | Love Justice | Children's Ministry

Binu's Story | How a 22-Year-Old Family Home Graduate Decided to Start Her Own Home

Before we began our anti-trafficking work, Love Justice found its beginnings in opening family homes for orphaned and abandoned children in South...

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Why Work for Love Justice International?
By The Love Justice Team on August 25, 2022

Certified as one of the Best Christian Workplaces in 2021 and 2022, Love Justice International (LJI) is a Christian nonprofit organization whose...

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The Impact We Made Together in 2021
By Love Justice on March 10, 2022

In 2021, with the indispensable support of our donors, we continued to love people and fight for justice. During the past year, our teams around the...

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The Dream School: Nurturing the Gift of Creativity and Expression
By The Love Justice Team on March 3, 2022

Our children's ministry continues to grow and thrive. With the creation of our first family home in 2004 to the launch of our education center, The...

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The Power of One
By John Molineux, President and Founder on December 9, 2021

At Love Justice International, even as we focus on data and statistics to measure our impact and to determine how we can effectively reach more...

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Beauty from the Ashes: Inspiring Stories of Hope from Our Family Homes
By The Love Justice Team on September 21, 2021

In 2002, five young men who had just graduated from Taylor University mapped out a plan for a several-month trip to seek ministry and adventure in...

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Inspiring Difference Makers in Our World: The History of The Dream School
By The Love Justice Team on September 9, 2021

It is estimated that the majority of school-aged children spend over 80% of their waking hours in school, truly giving education the power to shape...

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A Heart’s Cry: Devaja’s Story
By Love Justice on August 16, 2021

I think it can be said that for children living on the streets, life can be both exciting and adventurous. But those same streets can also be...

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Child Sponsorship: Empowering the Next Generation to Impact Their Nation
By Love Justice on August 10, 2021

We are passionate about placing orphaned and abandoned children in an environment where they can receive the love of a strong family unit and be...

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