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Children's Ministry Anti-Trafficking

The Fight Against Injustice | Impact Report 2023

Love Justice family homes children smiling and being silly

The year 2023 has been marked by exponential growth, record-breaking impact, and new and improved strategies. If you gave a donation this past year or partnered with us in prayer, then these are your victories, too! Thank you to everyone who joined together to make this happen—here are some of the things we accomplished together this year: 


  • Our teams around the world intercepted 15,734 individuals this past year to prevent them from being trafficked. 
  • Together, we hit a record 50,000 intercepts since our beginning!
  • Our data scientists charted exciting exponential growth in impact last year, and this year we saw that upward trend continue. This leads us to dream bigger, dreaming of the possibility of achieving a tipping point where this kind of change becomes self-perpetuating and irreversible—the possibility of a world without human trafficking. 
    exponential growth chart
  • We were able to improve our impact on the dollar, bringing our cost per intercept down from $363 to $201. That means that we’ve figured out how to impact more people for less money, making your dollar go even further in the fight against injustice. 



liberia police

  • Our teams around the world assisted in arresting 178 suspects, working with local law enforcement to ensure that traffickers face consequences for their crimes. 
  • Together, we’ve assisted in arresting over 1,400 suspects since our beginning!



  • We piloted an anti-trafficking station in Argentina, and the teams there have already intercepted over 50 people to prevent them from being trafficked!
  • We expanded our police liaison project into Liberia to help multiply impact through positive relationships with local law enforcement.
  • We brought on six spiritual care coordinators to help mentor and pray with our field staff monitors, which has in turn multiplied our impact. 



Data from the field 2023



  • This year, 205 children were enrolled in our school.
  • We hired five teachers and enrolled 38 new students this year.
  • We built a beautiful building on school grounds for the library and computer lab.
  • Students surpassed the national average in a standardized test.
  • Creative school staff and teachers put on numerous events and activities to expand our students’ learning and experiences. These included special camps (photography, geology, science), field trips, after-school sports and clubs, a reading challenge, junior olympics, a winter festival, family days, volunteering at a hospital, and peer-to-peer mentoring. 

libraryKids in line at school



  • Our 15 family homes cared for 192 orphaned and abandoned children.
  • Two students successfully graduated from our program, meaning that they have earned a bachelor’s degree or vocational certificate, live independently on their own, and no longer receive any financial support from LJI. This brings the total number of graduates to 17. 
  • Currently, 67 students are in the transition phase working towards graduating from the program, and 11 of these are studying abroad.


Thank you!

Thousands of people kept free, and hundreds of children studying in school and growing up in loving homes with all their needs met. This is what your dollars have done! 

Thank you for every donation and prayer that helped make this happen! 

There’s a place for you in this community of world changers. We can’t wait to see what is possible in 2024. Join us while gifts are matched—every donation doubled by generous partners until the end of the year! 


Check out the full annual report by filling out the form below: 



*All data and statistics current at the date and time of publishing. Names changed and some specific locations excluded for privacy and security purposes. Images are representative and do not picture actual victims. 

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