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What if we could stop international human trafficking for one day?

Numbers and data on human trafficking are extremely lacking, and no one currently knows for sure how many people are trafficked each year. With that in mind, one report suggests that as many as 800,000 individuals are trafficked across international borders each year. 

That’s 2,191 people every day. 


Our strategy

Much of Love Justice’s work takes place at international borders as our monitors vigilantly keep watch for these very people as they are in the process of being trafficked. This strategy, which we call transit monitoring, is—as far as we know—the world’s only tangible human trafficking prevention model. 

Using this strategy, our teams have intercepted over 57,000 people around the globe to prevent them from being trafficked! That’s 57,000 real people, with names, stories, dreams, and families. People like:

  • Saida* who was promised a job she desperately needed.
  • Kalyani* who had fallen in love with a man who was deceiving her with the false promise of marriage.
  • Meera* who was traveling to meet a boy she met online who said he liked her smile.

As we’ve honed our strategy, we’ve also honed our cost. Currently, it only costs us about $200—all overhead costs included—to intercept one life to prevent them from being trafficked. 


One day in May

young woman smiling

This May, what if we could raise the resources to fund 2,191 interceptions? That's our goal—to raise $438,200 before the end of the month—which in theory could stop international human trafficking for one day!  

We need all hands on deck to make this happen. Everyone has a part to play!

This May, we’re encouraging everyone who has a passion for this cause to get creative with fundraisers. Start your own fundraiser on social media, host a dinner, run a 5k, climb a mountain—there are so many ways to fight to protect the vulnerable! We will be sharing plenty of ideas and resources this month along with inspiring stories from donors who have made a huge difference in this fight through their own fundraisers!

With your help, this is possible. Together, we can stop international trafficking for one day. 

We’re on a mission to cause the tipping point that prevents human trafficking from even happening. 

How you can join us:

  • Give a one-time gift or join Project Beautiful (our monthly giving community) at the link below before the end of the month so that we can help stop international trafficking for one day!
  • Start brainstorming: What are some creative ways YOU can get your community involved and fundraise this month? Check out our fundraising page to get started!
  • Follow along for updates—social media links below or blog subscription to the right. Lots of exciting things coming this month that you won’t want to miss!



*All data and statistics current at the date and time of publishing. Specific names and locations excluded for privacy and security purposes. Some images made using AI, other images are representative and do not picture actual victims. 


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