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Anti Trafficking

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Welcoming Jason Dukes to Our Leadership Team and Anticipating Our Journey Ahead
By The Love Justice Team on April 23, 2024

Please join us in welcoming Jason Dukes to our Love Justice International team. He began as our Vice President of Advancement in mid-February 2024....

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Frontline Heroes: A Day in the Life of a Love Justice Monitor

Our monitors are our frontline heroes, vigilantly keeping watch at strategic points of transit to detect and intercept potential victims in real...

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Video: Allison Blomenkamp on Starting a Business to Fight Trafficking
By The Love Justice Team on April 12, 2024

Allison Blomenkamp's journey from learning about human trafficking in second grade to founding Prem-maa International––a business that donates 100%...

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Prem-maa International: Teens' Business Creates Lasting Impact

Our donors always inspire us with their generosity and commitment to fighting human trafficking, but sometimes we come across a story so good we...

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Breaking: Boy Caught in Child Labor Exploitation—Home Safe
By The Love Justice Team on April 4, 2024

Last month, our teams around the world intercepted 1,400 people to help keep them safe from human trafficking! Read on for some real interception...

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From Streets to Schools: Zambia’s Fight Against Child Trafficking

Zambia lies in the heart of southern Africa and is known for the raw, natural beauty of the land and peaceful diversity among its inhabitants....

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The Impact of Art and the Power of Collaboration

Last month, Love Justice co-hosted an art event in Colorado in partnership with Freedom 58, The Village Workspace, Centennial Mayor Stephanie Piko,...

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Breaking: 13-Year-Old Girl Lured Via TikTok—Suspect Arrested!
By The Love Justice Team on February 27, 2024

Last month, our teams intercepted 1,446 individuals to prevent them from being trafficked! These are some of their recent stories from the field.

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Praying and Fasting for Freedom During Lent

Lent began yesterday! As millions of Christians around the world collectively join in this ancient tradition, we want to invite you to join us in...

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