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Caring for the Orphaned and Abandoned

Mar 28, 2018 6:47:00 AM

One of our deepest callings is to care for orphaned or abandoned children. We are dedicated to providing an environment where God’s love is tangible to children who have been lost and forgotten. Our family homes and The Dream School provide the opportunity for these children to flourish and grow into the people God has called them to be.

Imagine children who are abandoned to find their own way in this world without anyone to care for them or show them love. For most of us, that scenario is simply unthinkable. Yet, in certain parts of our globe, this is simply the status quo.

Seven-year-old Kanchana and four-year-old Kushal are a brother and sister pair recently accepted into our Jyoti Home in Nepal. Their story is, unfortunately, a common one. When their father passed away, their mother remarried and left them to be cared for by relatives. Sadly, due to poor economic conditions, the relatives could not continue taking care of the two siblings and placed them in child welfare. Thankfully, the District Child Welfare Board sent a recommendation letter on behalf of Kanchana and Kushal to Love Justice, and we were able to accept both into our loving family.

We also had the privilege of welcoming four-year-old Anjita into our Jyoti Home recently. Anjita’s father died due to an electrical shock at work, and with her father gone, she was left in the care of her mother who suffers from a serious mental disorder. Unfortunately, living in a remote village prevents Anjita’s mother from attaining the medical care she needs, making it impossible for her to properly care for her daughter. This is another instance where the District Child Welfare Board wrote a recommendation letter on behalf of Anjita to Love Justice, and we were able to invite her into our family with open arms.  

Our Jyoti Home is just one of 17 homes that are currently a part of our Love Justice family. We are excited about the young lives being transformed through these loving and nurturing environments. All of the work being done, however, is only made possible through the continued support of our partners. Together, we will continue to rescue innocent children from a life of loss and abandonment, providing hope, love, and a future of fulfilling God’s call.

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