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Donor Spotlight

Double the Donation: February Is Matching Gift Month

Picture of The Love Justice Team
By The Love Justice Team on February 23, 2023

Our donors are the heart and soul of our organization. We simply would not be able to implement the work we do across the globe without their dedication and support. Their passion to add their voices and their resources to help save people from human trafficking and the unthinkable exploitation and abuse that takes place within this depraved industry is what fuels our on-the-ground efforts.

What Is Matching Gift Month?

Matching Gift Month is an annual celebration of corporate donation-matching, often used to increase awareness and usage of match programs. Held in February each year, Matching Gift, or Match Month, is an opportunity to recognize the impact that corporate philanthropy offerings, like matching gifts and more, can have on nonprofit fundraising groups.

We're excited to share a new tool we've added to our website to make it easy for you to to see if your company will match your donation for double the impact. Just use the tool here to search and then access all you need to easily submit a matching gift. Last year, these matching gift programs helped us raise thousands of dollars, which allowed us to continue to fight the world's greatest injustices.

Brand Partnership

We thrive off building strong relationships with our amazing partners. The important work we do is fueled by their dedication and commitment to the joint mission of ending human trafficking. Recently, both the CEO and the president of N2 Publishing shared about their faithful partnership with Love Justice:

"Everyone has a cause near and dear to their hearts; something they hear about and just can’t seem to shake. For the leaders of N2, it’s the epidemic of human trafficking—and with the inception of our giving program, N2GIVES, it’s quickly become a cause that touches the heart of every N2 team member.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 4.05.07 PM

As a for-profit company, N2 stays in business because we’re good at generating revenue. When it comes to fighting modern-day slavery, however, we don’t know anything about intervening for the vulnerable and bringing traffickers to justice. That’s the impactful role nonprofits like Love Justice International play. But it takes money for LJI to do their life-saving work, and therein lies a perfect synergy. N2 donates millions of dollars each year to the best anti-trafficking organizations, and we’re proud to continue supporting the amazing work of Love Justice International. We provide so they can do.

If N2 were a nonprofit, we would probably look a lot like LJI. We don’t buy fancy desks and we don’t have designer carpet on our floors. We do more than $100 million in sales each year, but if you drove by our building, you might think it was home to a really big White Castle restaurant (which would be super unhealthy, but amazing). It’s in our DNA: We just hate spending money on things that don’t matter and don’t improve the Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 4.05.25 PMbusiness. That’s why we love LJI. No egos—no one needs to pretend they are cooler than they are by having fancy things. We agree on spending money on the things that matter: rescuing people, telling them God is real and has more in store for them, and helping bring an end to human trafficking worldwide. It’s hard work, and I’ve seen how the leaders of LJI embrace that hard work, and live a tough life to help fulfill the mission. We’re like-minded about Jesus and like-minded about finances. Keep doing much with little, LJI! We are proud to be partnered with you.”—Duane Hixon, CEO, and Earl Seals, President

A vital key to bringing an end to human trafficking is each one of you. Each one of you deciding that enough is enough. Each one of you joining together, raising your voices, giving of your resources, and doggedly pursuing justice for the priceless lives in danger of falling victim to this horrific industry. 

This work would not be possible without you. Join us and continue to help play a role in writing the next chapter of this story. When we work together, each effort multiplies into one incredible impact—one more life changed, one more step toward wholeness and freedom. For more in-depth information on our global impact, click here to view and download our 2022 Annual Report. All of us at Love Justice look forward to you joining us on this amazing journey! 

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