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Donor Spotlight

Over 2,100 Lives Impacted by Your Generosity Last Month

Your generosity inspires us. Together with your partnership and with that of the anonymous donors who supplied matching dollars, we were able to raise $765,338 last month!

Giving is always a sacrificial act. In a world centered around making and spending money, to give it freely means sacrificing something you’ve worked for. It means sacrificing some financial security or something you could have purchased with it. Instead, you’ve entrusted us with your dollars to go and do something good, to make a difference in the world—and we want to honor you for that. Be confident that we do our best to steward your gifts well. Because of your giving this past month, over 2,100 people can be kept free from slavery!

In light of the selfless nature of giving, we are always so impressed and inspired by the testimonies we hear from people who choose to give. We want to celebrate your generosity by sharing some of your very own words that have inspired us:

“When I saw that children can be sponsored for $100 a month, I was left in tears for a few moments. I have so many opportunities to work in my life, I have a roof over my head and a family to count on. This is a reality check that there is a whole world out there that NEEDS more. I know that the tug on my heart isn't for nothing. I believe in Love Justice, I believe in your mission, it's incredible and I want to continue to support in any way I can. Thank you for what you do, you're changing the world.”  –Colsie

Dan & Danielle Cota-1

“Missions was something that had always been on our heart. At that time, God hadn’t called us into missions and that was really hard because we wanted so badly to be in missions. When Brad and Autumn came and shared what they were doing [with Love Justice], it was exciting because we felt like we had an output for that desire, we had a way to support missions and the fight against human trafficking, even though in that moment we weren’t called into the field.” –Danielle



Brett & Sarina Grenz-1

“I think I have such a different understanding now of who Christ is and how he reached out to the poor, to the marginalized, to the ignored, to the vulnerable; and that’s exactly what Love Justice is all about. Just knowing that our financial support has helped in whatever way it has to provide freedom and to be part of the solution has been an incredible privilege.” –Brett


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t do any of this work without your partnership!

And if you didn’t get a chance to give during the match but still want to be a part of this, just click the button below to join us!




*All data and statistics current at the date and time of publishing. Names changed and some specific locations excluded for privacy and security purposes.

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