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Children's Ministry Anti-Trafficking

Love Justice International 2022: A Year of Impact

The numbers are in! In 2022, we saw exponential growth in our impact around the world. We couldn’t have done that without you!


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Some highlights:

We intercepted 8,061 people to prevent them from being trafficked. This is nearly double last year’s number (4,064)! We are currently averaging about 1,000 intercepts per month. Additionally, our teams contributed to the arrests of 219 traffickers, a 31% increase from last year!

We opened several new transit monitoring stations and expanded into new countries, including our first ever station in South America. 

We cared for 212 orphaned and abandoned children in our family homes, a small increase from last year. The Dream School helped educate 174 students this year, a 20% increase from last year! We also saw a handful of students graduate from our programs—moving on to college, pursuing study-abroad programs, or getting married. 

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Love Justice exists to fight the world’s greatest injustices. We do that by two primary means: operating transit monitoring stations in 25+ countries around the world, where people of all ages are prevented from being deceived or coerced into slavery; and providing care to orphaned and abandoned children through our 16 family homes and a top-tier education. 

We consistently strive to make the largest impact possible with the resources we have. This involves hiring people who are passionate about this work, cutting our losses, developing our strategies, and expanding into new areas. 

But this past year’s rapidly growing impact would have been impossible without the support of our Love Justice community. Because of your generosity, twice as many people this year compared to last are living in freedom instead of slavery. 

So to everyone who contributed this past year—and especially to our Project Beautiful recurring donors—we want to say a big heartfelt thank you. Thank you for fighting injustice with us! 

If you missed the opportunity to join our giving community last year and you want to be a part of it this year, click here to learn more about joining Project Beautiful. Just $29 a month helps keep one more person free from slavery each year. 

We are excited to see how much we can multiply our impact together in 2023! Dare we say … double it again? Visit here to learn more about our approach to fighting injustice and the work you help make possible.


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*All data and statistics current at the date and time of publishing. Names changed, and some specific locations excluded for privacy and security purposes.

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