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Increase Your Impact in the Fight to End Human Trafficking

Picture of Love Justice
By Love Justice on May, 5 2022

Take a moment to think about your circle of influence—your small group, your friends, your book club, your church, your neighborhood, your social network, your coworkers, your family. Who can you rally to join the growing network of passionate people committed to the mission to stop human trafficking?

We are excited to now offer peer-to-peer fundraising as a vital and effective tool for you to invite others to join in the fight against slavery and help protect the most vulnerable across the globe.    

Step one: Launch your fundraiser.

Decide on a goal amount you want to raise for Love Justice. Then simply follow the steps provided here to set up an easy online fundraiser that you can share with your friends, family, and coworkers! In addition, you will have the option to add a personal message and a photo. This will help your friends know why the fight against human trafficking matters to you and why you believe in our work.

Step two: Share it with your people!

Once your online fundraiser is live, it’s time to share! Through social media, text, or in real life, you can share your unique fundraiser link with the world. You can use facts, pictures, and stories from @LoveJusticeIntl or any of the resources on our website to spread the word on your social channels about why you’re raising money for Love Justice. Visit here for a variety of our resources that are ready to share! 

Step three: Celebrate the impact!white_tshirt_love_justice

You’ll get to watch in real time as people give to your fundraiser. If you reach a goal of $500 or more, Love Justice will send you a T-shirt—our gift to you for helping us grow our network of like-minded people passionate about fighting modern-day slavery. 

The most exciting part will be seeing the stories of FREEDOM made possible because of the dollars you helped raise for Love Justice! Be sure to follow us on social or sign up for emails or texts to read and see the interception stories you helped make happen! 

And from now through the end of May, gifts are being matched up to $100,000! Each donation, no matter how big or small, goes directly to our anti-trafficking work to prevent vulnerable people from being exploited. Click here to get started today! 

When we work together to end the world's greatest injustices, each effort multiplies into one incredible impact: one life changed, one community liberated, one free world.



*All data and statistics current at the date and time of publishing. Names changed and some specific locations excluded for privacy and security purposes.

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