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Five Men Rescued from Slave Labor Through Facebook Ad

Dec 2, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Human traffickers lure their victims by preying upon their greatest insecurities and weaknesses. For many, this weakness is living a life plagued by constant poverty with very little hope of circumstances ever changing. These individuals are completely desperate, struggling to provide for themselves and often their families.

So, when they are approached by a warm and smiling face deceiving them with the promise of a high-paying job and a new life beyond what they could have ever imagined, they are quick to accept the generous offer.

This was the case for Aimu*, Dhamar*, Asim*, Batsal*, and Boutros*. The five men traveled to Saudi Arabia after being promised lucrative jobs working at a local employment agency. However, when they arrived, they were forced to work without pay. In addition, the company they were working for confiscated their passports and refused to renew their visas, making it impossible for them to reach out to their country’s embassy for help or to arrange any other form of travel to return home. So, for the next 11 months, whenever they were not being forced to work, they spent their time crammed together in one very small room at a hostel.  

After being trapped and working without any compensation for over a year, they saw a Facebook ad posted by our Safe Foreign Employment (SFE) team. Facebook and other digital ads are one arm of our SFE program, that enable us to actively search for victims trapped in exploitative situations. We then work to extract them from the abusive situation, return them to their homes and families, and aid local authorities in prosecuting the traffickers.

The men immediately replied to the ad and asked for help. After verifying their stories of abuse, our team reached out to their country’s embassy and asked them to go to the hostel where they were being kept and give them official travel documents.

Once all their documents were ready, our team bought them each a ticket to return home. They arrived safely and filed a case against the employment agency that had sent them abroad. The agency was temporarily shut down until they provided compensation to the men in the amount of 400,000 NPR (approximately $3,500 USD).

Through the development of our Safe Foreign Employment program, we aim to provide the education and tools needed so that people can determine if they are being offered legitimate employment opportunities or if they are being deceived by potential traffickers.

Watch the following video to learn more about our four-method approach to help put the power back in the hands of the innocent: 


We are passionate about implementing as many prevention methods as possible to help save lives from ever experiencing the destruction and exploitation of trafficking. You can learn more about our anti-trafficking approach here.

Together, we can stop human trafficking and empower lives with freedom and hope. Please join us in seeing the beauty in those most vulnerable!

I See the Beauty 

*Names and locations changed or omitted for security and privacy purposes.

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