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Love Justice: Nepal - A Transit Monitor's Testimony

Picture of The Love Justice Team
By The Love Justice Team on November 15, 2018

Nepal is the first country where we began our anti-trafficking work. Born out of a heart for the small children living on the streets, orphaned and abandoned, and the innocent lives being lured into trafficking out of desperation, our passion has only grown to fight for justice and bring freedom to the oppressed and hopeless across the globe.

We believe that the human trafficking industry is one of the most devastating crimes that exists today. Women and children are either kidnapped or lured by false offers of marriage or employment, and then they are sold into the dark world of modern-day slavery.

At risk

Our border monitoring guards work tirelessly each day to recognize red flags that someone may be at risk of being trafficked. Watch the following video as one of our border guards, Tara, shares her story of intercepting three girls in danger of being sold into human trafficking and the tremendous impact it left on both her and her team.  

HubSpot Video

After being sold into human trafficking, victims are smuggled to other countries where they are forced to work as prostitutes, laborers, or similar roles. Our primary strategy for fighting the human trafficking industry is to monitor national borders and transit hubs, intercepting the victims before they are lost to the dark world of modern slavery.

This innovative and life-saving strategy takes an intricate network of people working together to make this work possible. As Tara shares in the video above:

"We are so thankful for everyone who supports this work that we do. Thank you also for this model of intercepting girls before their lives are ruined and destroyed!"

From those called to the field to others moved to give, every role is vital. We invite you to learn how you can impact lives and bring freedom to innocent individuals at risk of being sold into a life of unimaginable abuse. 




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