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Fighting the World's Greatest Injustices

Oct 25, 2018 7:05:00 AM

We are living in very volatile times. As the boundaries of our world become smaller and our cultures and belief systems blend in an ever-changing melting pot of ideals and philosophies, it’s easy to lose sight of fundamental truths. Amidst the clamor of differing opinions, however, one principle remains steadfast: the tangible impact of living a life of love.

Love in action

Love Justice International is a Christian nonprofit organization compelled by God’s love to fight the world’s greatest injustices—seeking to change the lives of men, women, and children across the globe. We realize that you may have differing views on religion and faith; however, we firmly believe that we can join together on common ground through the mission of bringing hope and love to hurting lives that desperately need our help.

We are driven by three core values that shape every program and management decision we make:

  • Be the Kingdom: All our work is done through local churches. We strive to live out our faith in Jesus Christ by following the directives of the New Testament in how we live, work, and relate to one another.
  • Help Those Who Need It Most: Jesus said, "Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me." In response to this teaching, our goal is to find and help the most desperate and needy people in the world.
  • Do Much with Little: We strive to find and implement the strategies that make the greatest possible difference in the lives of as many people as possible with the limited resources we have been entrusted with.

Currently, we fight injustice in two main ways: through our expanding anti-trafficking work and by caring for the orphaned and abandoned in our children's homes and school. 


We believe that human trafficking is one of the darkest realities that exists in our world today. The magnitude of its reach, however, can cause us to become overwhelmed and left wondering how we can have a significant impact in saving lives affected by this billion dollar industry.


The Greatest Injustice - High Res


Our strategy is to go on the offensive and intercept, or stop, innocent lives BEFORE they have been exploited or enslaved. Through our transit and border monitoring stations, currently located in 11 countries, our highly-trained staff stay on alert for signs of any suspicious activity that may point to a life in the process of being trafficked. To learn more about the interception process read our blog, Our Strategy to Stop Human Trafficking.                                                                                     

Children’s homes and school

There are millions of children in the world who have been abandoned by their parents, been forced to leave home because of extreme poverty, or suffered the loss of their parents due to disease or war. Without parental guidance, provision, or love, these children's lives can be wrecked on the street, and they are vulnerable to many forms of exploitation, including the potential of being trafficked.

We are passionate about serving these children by placing them in loving, family-like children's homes. We strive to create a developmental environment in our homes so that our children can thrive—from the love that our house parents provide, to the quality of their education and diet, and even the time, space, and materials for them to live out the true purpose of childhood: play. 


Fighting for justice

At Love Justice, we consider it a privilege to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves, doing our small part to go to battle for those who desperately need our help. We believe that we can make a difference, but it will take all of us joining together to fight the world's greatest injustices, one life at a time. Because every life is beautiful and worth fighting for. 

Please visit our blog for exclusive news, stories, and updates.


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