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What Would Happen if We Believed that Every Life Is Worth Fighting For?

Posted by The Love Justice Team | May 1, 2020 12:34:02 PM

What would happen if we truly believed that every life is beautiful and worth fighting for? The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually end. However, as countries and economies begin to tentatively find their footing and reopen, the indelible impact of the outbreak will reverberate throughout history in terms of how it has affected the most vulnerable around the world.

The economic fallout from this pandemic will be challenging for us all, but for the daily wage earners around the globe, it will be absolutely devastating. In countries like Cambodia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and more, many of our beneficiaries are currently more afraid of starving to death than of contracting the virus. This type of desperation—to provide for yourself and your family—is every trafficker’s dream.

We must take steps now to prepare for an almost inevitable surge in human trafficking after COVID-19. Traffickers will be ready and waiting with a list of false promises and deceit as they target those most devastated who are searching for viable sources of income. Out of sheer desperation, vulnerable people will be tempted to ignore signs of danger and seize any opportunity to make a living—only to be unknowingly lured into a life of slavery.

We are committed to fighting this horrific industry on the front lines by placing our staff at key transit locations where trafficking occurs. Our priority is to attack trafficking at the most strategic moment—while it is in the process of occurring and BEFORE men, women, and children have been exploited or enslaved. Watch this video exemplifying the beauty and value of every life (words written and spoken by Arielle Estoria):

MAY 2020 Campaign_PB-1

We are so thankful for our Project Beautiful community. Your dollars fund our anti-trafficking work each month—allowing us to intercept and prevent so many from being trafficked into slavery! You make our work possible, and now more than ever, we are so thankful to partner with you to end it.

This May, we are building up our army of Project Beautiful members—monthly donors who are committed to fighting human trafficking and empowering people with freedom and hope. Together, we can multiply our anti-trafficking efforts around the world and stop these traffickers in their tracks.

You are an integral part of this effort to cultivate a world where every person is valued and celebrated. Where every human life is worthy of freedom, love, hope, and protection. It takes us around $100 to intercept a life from trafficking—that’s less than $10 a month. This May, we’re inviting people to join Project Beautiful and partner with us to fight for every one life.

In addition to becoming a Project Beautiful member—or if you’re already a part of this community—you can get involved in these impactful ways:


  • When you join, you’ll receive your very own Project Beautiful One Life Bracelet that represents a life that we’ve intercepted from trafficking. Take a pic, share it on social media, and invite your friends into this community that fights trafficking!
  • Participate in Run for Freedom, our first-ever virtual 5K run at the end of May. 
  • Join us on Tuesday, May 5, for the global day of giving: #GivingTuesdayNow.

Now more than ever, your monthly giving could be the difference between freedom and slavery for so many all over the world. Join Project Beautiful and help us be there to protect ONE MORE LIFE from being trafficked.

Join Project Beautiful

*All content, data, and statistics current at the date and time of publishing. Names are changed for security and privacy purposes.


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