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Breaking Stories from the Field: July Update 2021
By The Love Justice Team on July 8, 2021

To date we have intercepted over 24,000 individuals to prevent them from being sold into human trafficking. Here are a few stories, directly from the...

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Twenty-Five Potential Victims of Trafficking Intercepted; Suspect Arrested
By Love Justice on July 1, 2021

Our team in Malawi recently conducted a pilot-stage training session with selected members of the local police. This training covered various transit...

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A Father's Heart for Justice
By Doug Dworak on June 18, 2021

I still remember visiting with family members prior to the birth of our first child about my desire to be the father of four boys. I was quite sure...

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We Are Celebrating Because of You!
By The Love Justice Team on June 10, 2021

We are so thankful to our amazing donors and supporters who helped us surpass our fundraising goal and spread awareness about the devastating...

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The Truth Behind Human Trafficking: Debunking 10 Common Myths
By The Love Justice Team on June 7, 2021

Human trafficking is an extremely complex and destructive industry. It is the third largest international crime (behind illegal drugs and arms...

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Brothers Forced into Slavery on Lake Volta for 10 Years, Intercepted!
By Love Justice on May 24, 2021

For nearly 10 years, two brothers lived under the control of a suspected trafficker in the region of Lake Volta, Ghana. Lured away from their home...

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Breaking Stories from the Field: April Update 2021
By The Love Justice Team on April 22, 2021

Every day, our teams in the field work tirelessly, looking for signs of human trafficking. They are determined to find every one life that may be in...

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The Moments Missed Between Freedom and Slavery
By Love Justice on April 15, 2021

In the moments between freedom and slavery, Love Justice transit monitors are trained to see what others miss. Watch the following video to see how...

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From the Field: The Fight to End Human Trafficking in Sierra Leone
By The Love Justice Team on April 6, 2021

Meet Abdulai, our anti-trafficking project manager in Sierra Leone. Growing up during the country's civil war (1991–2002), he both witnessed and...

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