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Child Sponsorship: Empowering the Next Generation to Impact Their Nation

Aug 10, 2021 6:15:00 AM

We are passionate about placing orphaned and abandoned children in an environment where they can receive the love of a strong family unit and be empowered to reach their true potential.

The rehabilitation of children who have spent significant time on the streets is not an easy task and requires compassion, understanding, innovative thinking, and persistence. Despite the great challenges facing this work, however, it is critical that these children are not forgotten. Through our child sponsorship program, you can be a part of changing these young lives and inspiring the potential that exists in each and every one of them. 

Watch the following video for a glimpse into some of our children's bright faces and personalities as they share some of their hopes and dreams for their futures. 

As a child sponsor, your gift will provide for the holistic care and upbringing of your child. For just $100 a month, your child receives:

  • Loving parents who are investing in their lives.
  • A nurturing family environment.
  • Basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, books, toys, personal hygiene items, etc.
  • Medical care and counseling.
  • Access to a computer and reading programs that are available within each home.
  • Regular attendance at an excellent school.
  • Community and church activities that play a vital role in their overall development.

The following beautiful children are available for sponsorship:
















As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • A magnet with your child's picture.
  • Monthly update emails about current events in our family homes and school. These updates include current photos and videos of special activities that the children are a part of.
  • Letters and artwork from your child twice a year and the opportunity to send letters and pictures in return.
  • The option to celebrate your child with a special birthday gift and/or Christmas gift each year. 

We have been honored to watch many beautiful relationships develop over the years between children and their sponsors across the globe! To learn more about our family homes and our work being done to care, educate, and empower children, please visit here

Learn more about our work with vulnerable children


*Names are changed for privacy and security purposes. When you decide to sponsor a child, you will receive more details!

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