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20 Countries by 2020

Posted by Doug Dworak | Jan 10, 2019 7:43:00 AM

I have to admit I’m complaining more than usual these days when it comes to flying and airports! Traveling isn’t as glamorous as it once was. Too much congestion. Too many delayed or canceled flights. More rude people than I care to think about. And never-ending security lines!

A few weeks ago, I returned from a two-week trip to Africa. I couldn’t wait to see our new country projects and meet the new staff. After enduring all of the above, it was well worth it! I traveled to 5 countries in 12 days on an itinerary that included 11 flights and 38 security checks. And, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! 


Prior to my trip, I had been reading reports about the incredible staff in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and Benin. I had heard about the numbers of young girls, boys, and even infants who were being intercepted and saved from the threat of human trafficking. 

A passion and conviction for justice

Country after country, my heart was blessed as I sat with our staff listening while they shared their passion and conviction to rescue the most vulnerable. They also expressed how thankful they are for people like you joining with us to make this vital work possible! Their dedication and courage, combined with the faithful support of our partners, has resulted in hundreds of interceptions and dozens of trafficker arrests. The excitement they expressed was palpable. I found myself wanting to stay longer just to share in the joy they were experiencing doing this amazing work. Even though this work is done in some very dark and dangerous places, not once did I see an ounce of fear or hesitation.


As encouraged as I was each time I met a new staff member, I have to admit I felt about an inch deep spiritually when in their presence. Their faith humbled me, and their boldness shamed me. I learned so much about what it really means to walk by faith during my short time on this beautiful continent.

20 countries by 2020


Our work is expanding! Africa is an example of the open doors God continues to set before us! Our vision is clear! Our goal is to be operating in 20 countries by 2020. We are over halfway there right now! Here’s the good news: Your participation with us has had a huge impact in the successes we are seeing! Hundreds and hundreds of lives are being set free both physically and spiritually! However, there is still so much more to do!

Living by faith is difficult. We were told over and over again by those on the front lines that they feel so blessed to know they are being prayed for and financially supported by so many of you. It has strengthened their faith, and they’re resolved to continue the fight!

love_justice_africa_baby_girlI want to encourage you to do more. It is estimated that there are currently around 40 million victims of human trafficking across the globe (Global Slavery Index). You can help put a stop to human trafficking by joining Project Beautiful: a community of donors who are committed to ending human trafficking. And if you are already a member, thank you! We could not do this work without you. 

Together, we are making a difference! Since we began this work of rescue and interception, over  15,000 girls, boys, and infants have been prevented from becoming another sad statistic in the horror known as human trafficking. Every life is beautiful and worth fighting for!

Help Save Lives From Human Trafficking

Topics: Anti-Trafficking Work

Written by Doug Dworak

Doug is the Global Ambassador of Love Justice International. Doug graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.S. in psychology and sociology and a B.A. in business. He owned Christian retail stores for 17 years and during that time served on the Christian Booksellers Association Board of Directors as Vice Chairman of the Board. He has served his church as a member of the missions council, has taught numerous Bible studies over the years, and has served as a worship service leader for a local retirement center one Sunday each month. He served two years as a volunteer fundraiser for Love Justice International before taking on his current role with the ministry.

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