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At Love Justice International, even as we focus on data and statistics to measure our impact and to determine how we can effectively reach more people, we always want to hold in our minds how uniquely and unfathomably precious each individual is. We should always remember that every single number represents a real human being that God loves even more than the person we love the most.

I still remember the first email I received in a little internet cafe back in 2006 saying that we had intercepted our first human trafficking victim, the feeling that if I died that day, my life would have mattered.

How it all began

In 2002, I traveled with four of my friends to the remote country of Nepal for the first time. Recent graduates of Taylor University, we were drawn by the majesty and mystery of the Himalaya Mountains and stepped on the plane praying God would guide us to an organization that could use us as volunteers.

We were immediately drawn to the plight of the children we saw living on the streets in Nepal, and as we began to get involved in this work, the need seemed overwhelming. We connected with and learned from organizations working on the ground and began dreaming together about how to make an impact. This trip would plant the seeds in our hearts that would grow to become Love Justice International.

Today, Love Justice is working around the world, in more than 20 countries and on four continents. LJI's growth has been a direct result of the people God has drawn together. It’s like He took all our tiny offerings, breathed life into them, and brought everything together into a cohesive movement of justice.

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The power of one

Many of the people who have come to our organization have taken us in a direction we never would have embarked on if we had continued on without them. We only exist because of the power of the individual hands God has brought together over the years. At Love Justice International, we believe that every life is beautiful and worth fighting for. We also believe that each one of us has the power to make a life-changing impact.

We deeply value every one of you who partners with us and firmly believe you deserve to know that your support is making a real impact toward a mission you believe in. To date, donors like you have helped us...

  • Operate transit monitoring stations in more than 20 countries.
  • Intercept over 25,000 people to prevent them from being trafficked.
  • Assist with more than 1,000 arrests in connection to our work.
  • Provide hundreds of children with the education and love they deserve at The Dream School and in our family homes.
  • Distribute food and essential supplies to over 100,000 individuals during the pandemic.

We are so encouraged by stories from our staff around the world as we cover this work and one another in prayer. As we plan expansion into many new countries, we are looking forward to seeing how God continues to bring unity and energy to our amazing teams. 

From now through the end of the year, our partner N2Gives has blessed us with the ability to offer a matching gift opportunity up to $1,000,000. This means every single dollar given to our general ministry operations up to $500,000 donated from now until December 31 will be doubled, extensively increasing the impact of your financial gift.

Each donation, no matter how big or small, drives us one step closer to ending human slavery. Here’s how you can join the mission and witness the power of one:

  • One Donation: Your generous donation provides us with the resources to prevent human trafficking and to give the gift of freedom to a vulnerable child. 
  • One Year of Giving: Join Project Beautiful, a program that transforms your monthly donations into transit monitoring stations, safe housing and education for at-risk children, and advancements to end human trafficking.
  • One Prayer: You can help us protect more lives by praying for vulnerable people and sharing our mission with others.

When we work together to end the world's greatest injustices, each effort multiplies into one incredible impact: one life changed, one community liberated, one free world. The work we are doing across the globe would not be possible without people like you.

Please join us and continue to help play a role in writing the next chapter of this story. You have the power to change a life. Will you use it?




John Molineux is the president and founder of Love Justice International. He grew up in Helena, Montana, before attending college at Taylor University. He first came to Nepal in 2002. Two years later, he returned to Nepal and was inspired to start Love Justice. Since that time, he has continued his work, establishing new programs for Love Justice and overseeing current ones. In addition to this work, John is a writer, thinker, lover of philosophy, and educator. He is married to a Nepali woman named Aksha and they have a son, Jude. 


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