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The Why Behind Our Anti-Trafficking Work

Oct 29, 2020 7:36:00 AM

The number of people living in the bondage of human trafficking is estimated to be close to 45 million total slaves (UNICEF), with a staggering 71% of the victims being women and children (UNODC). Of this total number, it is estimated that 4.5 million lives trafficked are victims of forced sexual exploitation.

Now, take just a moment to put the face of some of your most treasured loved ones to each one of those numbers. Your children, siblings, dearest family members, and friends. Is there anything you wouldn’t do to prevent this unimaginable abuse and exploitation from entering even just one of their lives? 

Watch this brief video as our global ambassador, Doug Dworak, explains why we do what we do:

Now, imagine that moment in time when someone is in the midst of being trafficked—the exact minute that marks the difference between being forced into a life of exploitation and bondage or being returned home to live out a normal life full of hope and a bright future.

That is what Love Justice International, through the dedicated support of our partners, has the privilege of making happen every single day. We intervene during that pivotal moment in time, helping to ensure that each individual we come in contact with is returned to safety. 

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