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Young Girl Rescued and Her Trafficker Arrested

Oct 3, 2019 10:23:02 AM

Human traffickers prey on the weaknesses and adverse circumstances of their victims. Their intentions are often masked behind a warm and friendly smile offering a lucrative job to someone in desperate need of providing basic necessities for their family. 

stop_human_trafficking_love_justice_border_young_girlOther times, their deceit is hidden beneath the promise of love, marriage, and security. Whatever methods traffickers use for any given situation, the innocent lives they target are being lured into a life of unimaginable exploitation and abuse.

Palisha* was one such girl looking for a way to provide a better life for herself and her family. She had been put in contact with an employment agent who had arranged for her to travel across the border for an exciting job opportunity. However, when she met up with the agent to begin her journey, she was immediately sold to another “agent” and taken across the border to an undisclosed location against her will.

Thankfully, Palisha was able to find a way to contact her family and let them know what had happened to her. Her family was familiar with Love Justice and immediately contacted our staff asking for help. Through the cooperation of police and our staff, Palisha was found and successfully returned to her home where she filed a legal case against her traffickers.

help_stop_human_trafficking_young_girl_smiling_love_justiceUsing phone records, our investigations team was able to locate the suspect. They then conducted surveillance to verify his identity and to determine if there were any further leads. With the help of local police, the suspect was arrested a short time later. This case is still in process with the courts.

Our work would not be possible without people like you who are passionate about stopping human trafficking and empowering lives with freedom and hope! Visit here to find out how you can help stop human trafficking and intervene on behalf of innocent lives like Palisha's in danger of being trafficked. 

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*Names, photos, and locations changed or omitted for the security and privacy of those involved. 


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