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News & Stories

The Power of Education: One Student's Heartfelt Message

Our Family Home Model: A Unique Approach

Young Girl Rescued and Her Trafficker Arrested

Breaking News: Trafficker at Large Arrested in South Asia

Meet the Expert: Chief Investigations and Security Officer

What Is Human Trafficking?

From the Front Lines: Meet the Women Taking a Stand in the Fight to Stop Human Trafficking

A Father's Heart for Justice

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Breaking News: Six Girls Intercepted from Human Trafficking in Benin

What Percentage of Your Donation Goes to the Work in the Field vs. Overhead Costs?

The Girl in the Stiletto Heels

Run for Freedom in the Fight to End Human Trafficking

Love People, Fight for Justice: Together We Can End Human Trafficking

Love Justice Invites You to Join the Movement Against Human Trafficking

Intercepted from Human Trafficking: Kendra's Story

An Inspiring Woman's Fight for Justice

Project Beautiful: A Community Dedicated to Ending Human Trafficking

Education on Safe Employment Helps Prevent Human Trafficking

Mayday! Thousands of Beautiful Lives Are in Danger of Human Trafficking

Saved from Human Trafficking: A Young Girl's Harrowing Story

Weaponizing Data in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Social Media Used by Human Traffickers to Lure Young Women

Jisni: The Face of a Trafficker

Saved from Human Trafficking: A Personal Testimony

Our Strategy to Stop Human Trafficking

Five Young Women Intercepted from Human Trafficking

A Voice for the Oppressed

New Data Strategy Helps in Apprehension of Trafficker

20 Countries by 2020

January: Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Love Justice: Uganda

Love Justice: Kenya

Love Justice: Zimbabwe

Love Justice: Benin

Love Justice: South Africa

Love Justice: Bangladesh - A Mind-Numbing Sadness

Love Justice: India - Safia's Interception Story

Love Justice: Malawi - From the Front Lines

Love Justice: Nepal - A Border Guard's Testimony

Fighting the World's Greatest Injustices

Breaking Free: The Story of Sanjula

The Why Behind Our Anti-Trafficking Work

The Life-Changing Impact of Our Children's Ministry

Love Justice Invites You to Join the Movement Against Human Trafficking

Instameet in South Africa

Do You See the Beauty?

Rescued: Maya's Story

Update from the Field: South Africa

Using Coffee to Save Lives

From Slavery to Freedom

Lucinda's Story

One Woman's Testimony of Freedom

Sixteen Minors Intercepted from Child Labor

N2GIVES Links Arms with Love Justice International

Banding Together for Justice: A #MeToo Response

The Pursuit of My Father's Presence

Caring for the Orphaned and Abandoned

He Calls You by Name

Human Trafficking Victim Joins the Love Justice Team

Salila's Story

Justice Is Served

The Road to Justice

The Illusions of a Trafficker

Why Love Justice?